Currently the C.I.C. is composed of a high performance team of 100 workers with interdisciplinary skills and education levels such as: PhD, MSc, Engineers, Applied and Economic Sciences Professionals, Technicians and Technologists.

The interdisciplinary ability of the CIC work team has allowed to generated development processes and technology transference to the productive sector according to the needs of the country.

The institute is organized by a Directive Board composed of private companies, government entities and the academic field.

Throughout the last 21 years C.I.C. has established the challenge of designing and implementing a development plan based on Strategic Business Units and through different Technological Lines, which are the focal point for development and knowledge management. Thus the team has the ability to develop programs, projects and specialized services related with corrosion and integrity management, with the aim to offer alternative solutions to the productive sector minimizing the economic losses and improving the competitive ability with a strong commitment to the environment preservation.

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