Coupon Holders

The rod coupon holder allows to arrange corrosion coupons in the desired monitoring position inside the pipeline. This rod must be inserted through the retractable system and therefore avoid the closure of the pipeline system in order to change coupons. Made of stainless steel accordign with the standard NACE MR-01-75. 

The length of the rod is determined by the required monitoring position, the length of the coupon and the length of the access system.


Biocoupon Holder

The system for the pitting corrosion assessment allows to calculate maximum corrosion rate of a bare metal inside industrial systems.
This device can be placed inside lines or storage tanks. It also requires exposure of metallic probes that are strategically located and have certain surface preparation in order to facilitate the deposition and establishment of microorganism communities.


Retractor System

The Retractor System is a mechanical device made of SAE 4140 steel and aluminum, in accordance with the standard NACE MR-01-75.
It is a tool used for easy and securre removal and insertion of coupons during high temperature procedures.
This system can be joined with both the box of the retractable system and the coupon holder stick.





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