The physicochemical laboratory that belongs to the C.I.C. provides high quality analysis services in the physicochemical field for: water, soil and crude matrix among others. These services are offered to companies of the hydrocarbon sector and other industrial sectors.

Develop laboratory services specialized in corrosion and fluid quality control in order to give permanent technical support to the operation fields inside hydrocarbon and other industrial sectors. Obtaining results with high degree of quality and reliability, based on a modern instrumentation, qualified personnel and permanent research.


Being a leading laboratory in the field of corrosion monitoring and production quality control ta national and international level by:

  • Execution of services with the highest quality levels, security and reliability framed in the standard ISO 17025.
  • Generation of research proposals that contribute to the solution of problems related to corrosion and resource optimization.
  • Providing permanent technical support that ensures an appropriate management for the corrosion control.
  • Strengthening a continuous improvement philosophy.


Sample collection of water (industrial, domestic and industrial wastewater, drinkable, surface), soil, condensed, gas, crude and internal cleaning products.

In Situ parameters determination:

  • pH y Conductivity
  • Alkalinity (measurement kit)
  • Iron (measurement kit)
  • Amine residues (measurement kit)
  • Gases dissolved in the water: H2S, CO2, O2
  • Contaminating gases of water lines: H2S, CO2, O2



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